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Louise Redknapp: Jamie Redknapp's ex teases exciting new move ‘Always been open’

Louise Redknapp, 45, who was previously married to Jamie Redknapp, 46, is known for her singing background. The Stretch hitmaker has now teased there could potentially be an Eternal reunion in the near future.

Louise rose to fame in the 90s group Eternal alongside members Easther Bennett, Vernie Bennett and Kellie Bryan.

Discussing a nostalgic comeback to the music scene, Louise told Express.co.uk: “I think if Eternal was to ever get back together I think we’d all take the same view. We had some great hits that would be good to do.

“If we ever were to work together we’d definitely look at doing new things too. I think it’s really important.”

She continued: “You know, today the music industry is so competitive you need to keep things fresh, contemporary and relevant. I think that’s the most important thing here.

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Speaking candidly about her private life, she said: “Yes, I know my love life is of many people’s interest. I just wish I had more to tell everyone.

“I’m like believe you and me if I had more to tell I would.”

The former Eternal hitmaker went onto to explain people’s reaction to her recent singles such as Small Talk and Lead Me On and admitted she understands people connect the songs to her personal life.

Louise explained: “I think when songs come out, of course some are personal. I wouldn’t be stupid enough to think that people are not going to connect some of these songs to my personal life. It goes without saying. Of course they are.

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