London Weather in October

London is the capital of the United Kingdom, located in the southeast of the island of Great Britain on the banks of the River Thames. Due to the sea climate, the London weather can change dramatically, and for the worse:

  • The highest daily temperature in London in October is 17 °C;
  • The minimum temperature at night drops to 7 °C;
  • Average daytime and nighttime temperatures during October are 12 °C and 10 °C, respectively.

At the end of October, it is already a stable cold, and at night the temperature is only a couple of degrees above zero. Frosts are often observed in the morning. London weather in October is characterized by gray weekdays, precipitation is rather light, but it occurs almost every day. During the windy rainy weather is not very comfortable.

London Weather in October

Weather Forecast Today in Great Britain

Weather conditions in England are subject to the dominance of a temperate type of climate on its territory, which is characterized by an increased level of air humidity. Fogs are quite common in this country, which is part of the UK, which, due to this atmospheric phenomenon, was nicknamed Foggy Albion. Check the weather forecast today to see if it is also foggy.

Also, the climate of the country has a huge impact, mostly softening, is exerted by the oceanic current of the Gulf Stream, as a result of which the summer here is moderately warm, and the winter is cold, but devoid of serious frosts. Nevertheless, you should always check the weather forecast today, because the weather here is very unpredictable and changeable, and summer evenings are very cold.

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Edinburgh Weather Forecast

Edinburgh is located in the Lowlands, along the southern coast of the Firth of Forth and along the east coast of Scotland. Frequent showers are a characteristic feature of Edinburgh weather. During the year, the greatest amount of precipitation occurs in autumn. Southwest winds prevail here. Atlantic cyclones dominate in October. This feature is provided by the location of the city on the coast, where the influence is exerted by air masses from the North Sea.

The highest daily temperature in Edinburgh in October is 13 °C. While the minimum temperature at night drops to 6 °C. Average daytime and nighttime temperatures during October are 10 °C and 9 °C, respectively. According to the Edinburgh weather in October, the ratio of sunny to cloudy days are 60% and 40%, respectively. Moreover, this indicator for the region is relatively stable from year to year.

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