London mayoral election: Sadiq Khan accuses Tories of stoking up anti-London sentiment to ‘prop up’ red wall

The Labour mayor launched his manifesto this morning with a speech from the Bloomberg building in the City of London.

Mr Khan’s blueprint accuses the Conservatives of stoking up divisions between London and the rest of the country in order to “prop up” their parliamentary gains in the red wall seats of the Midlands and the North.

In his manifesto, the Mayor accuses the Tories of “levelling down” London and says some in the party give the impression of “hating London”.

He warns of a growing “anti-London sentiment across the country” and adds: “The dangerous game of bashing London has to stop. Otherwise, we’ll all be left worse off and the social fabric of the country will be stretched to breaking point.

“I’m losing patience, as I know Londoners are. As your Mayor, I’ll use City Hall to face down the fake news and lies levelled against London, I’ll speak truth to the rest of the country about why our success matters to them at the same time as helping other parts of the country be more successful, and I’ll continue to be vocal in defending London’s interests.”

The Mayor also talks up his row with former US president Donald Trump, describing himself as standing up to a “dangerous bully in the White House”.

The mayor goes in heavy on London’s values as a “liberal, outward-facing and open” and says he stood up for the capital against Brexit and “native populism”.

Mr Khan says he stood up to a “dangerous bully in the White House”

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Mr Khan also ramped up his green credentials today, with a promise to support more than 170,000 green jobs and swiping at his Conservative rival Shaun Bailey who he claims “wants a car-led recovery” after the pandemic.

It comes after the Mayor’s Ultra Low Emission Zone helped cut toxic air pollution by more than a third.


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