Logitech Hits Lightspeed With New Mechanical Keyboards

Logitech’s Logitech G arm, a leading name in the field of gaming technology, has announced two new high-end keyboards: the G915 Lightspeed Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and the G815 Lightsync RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. 

The vice president and general manager of Logitech Gaming, Ujesh Desai, said: “These new keyboards are perfect examples of what’s possible when our award-winning designers and engineers at Logitech G push the envelope of advanced gaming technology and design.

“The G915 combines LIGHTSPEED Wireless, RGB lighting and amazing battery life in a sleek, ultra-thin, aluminum case that creates a new standard for gaming keyboards,” he continued.

Aimed at dedicated gamers, the new keyboards offer a number of innovations – something that Logitech is well-known for. Both are slick and well-designed, with a distinct aesthetic appeal.

The G815 Lightsync keyboard is a wired model, offering additional connectivity via an extra USB 2.0 passthrough port. The G915 is wireless, with Logitech G’s fast Lightspeed connectivity. It offers a very decent battery life; Logitech estimate that a single charge should give you around 12 days of gaming with the lighting turned on or 135 days with the lighting off (assuming that you don’t game for more than eight hours per day). 

The Lightsync RGB lighting is also an attractive perk. You can personalise this, either cycling through the spectrum or choosing one of millions of shades to illuminate your night-time gaming sessions. As noted, the lighting dramatically increases your power use so you’ll need to change the keyboard more often if you opt for the wireless model. Even then, you’ll still get almost two weeks of gaming on each charge.

Another appealing feature is the choice of keyboard sound and tactility. The keyboards use Logitech’s own high-profile GL switches, designed to be swift and low-profile for a comfortable typing experience and faster actuation.

Both the G915 Lightspeed and G815 Lightsync come with three keyboard options: GL Linear, GL Tactile or GL Clicky. The GL Linear keyboard offers a silent, silky keystroke with little resistance, for those who want a smooth typing experience. For those who want physical feedback when they type, the GL Tactile provides actuation that you can feel. The GL Clicky provides both tactile feedback and a satisfying old-school click for those who like an audible typing experience. 

The new peripherals were revealed on August 15 and are available from late August onwards. Tech Advisor readers can save money on a new Logitech keyboard and other products with our Logitech voucher codes. From mouses and speakers to the latest gaming keyboard, gamers can get excellent deals on all kinds of gear with Tech Advisor’s Logitech discount codes.


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