Local elections 2022 LIVE: Brits take to polling stations as Tories brace for losses

Loyal ministers back embattled PM on crunch day for his career

Loyal Tories have been lining up behind their leader this morning.

After months of damaging headlines, Boris Johnson has come to be seen as an electoral liability – less than three years after he helped the party to a huge majority in the House of Commons.

Appearing on Sky News, education minister Michelle Donelan said Mr Johnson was “an asset, not a liability” in elections.

When asked whether poor results today could see more MPs lose faith in the PM, Environment Secretary George Eustice acknowledged that “all prime ministers will always be very conscious of the mood in their parliamentary party”.

Oliver Dowden, the Tory Party chairman, has emphasised the impact of the local choices that the electorate are making.

“The elections today are about one thing: who do you want running your council,” he said.

“The choice couldn’t be starker – between Conservatives who keep council tax down and offer good services, or the opposition parties who waste money on political games and vanity projects.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has cast his vote (




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