Living in an Abusive Relationship – When Is It Time to Quit?

Some of us have probably been a victim of an abusive relationship. If not, you may have heard of friends and relatives who have been. Unfortunately, there are many things that force people to stick to these relationships no matter how unsatisfied they may be. An abusive relationship is overwhelming and intimidating to the victim and the best thing is to leave.

But one question to ask yourself is when it is the right time to leave this? Dive with me into the insights below to know when it is the right time to leave and how to go about it.

Signs of an Abusive Relationship

  • If you want to know that you have been living in an abusive relationship, there are signs to look for. However, it will be pretty obvious if you are not happy at all.
  • Your partner is physically violent – A relationship that subjects a person physical assault means that there is a problem. It is against the law to be physically violent toward someone now that it can cause trauma.
  • Your partner is always rude – There is nothing worse than a partner who is rude to you. Apart from being disrespectful, it can trigger a loss of self-esteem and consequently endless stress unless the person decides to leave.
  • Lack of communication – Apart from physical abuse, emotional abuse also kicks in when communication stops. No one can bear having a partner who does not communicate with you, especially when you are living together.

Consequences of Abusive Relationship

Once the relationship starts to be abusive, there are many things that kick in. Emotional trauma is the very first thing whether the abuse is physical or not. That is why people seeking a partner on or any other dating site are looking for mature people who will not subject them to any abuse.

Physical abuse is even worse because it hurts your body. Many people have been hospitalized or even died as a result of abuse. This is usually an escalation of rudeness and verbal violence. Thus, it is better to take action before it reaches this point.

When Should You Quit?

There is no right time to quit an abusive relationship, but it should be as soon as you realize that nothing that can be done about it. Unfortunately, most people take a long time trying to make things better but they end up suffering more. When physical violence is involved, the first thing is to leave and then try to understand why it happened. Staying might bring along more violence, which will hurt you more.

According to relationship experts, relationships that are consistently violent means that there is a deep problem. However, some people are naturally violent, which is very unfortunate since it is hard to change them. The best action to take is to leave.


Relationships are usually very sensitive and they need nurturing on a daily basis. Every little thing matters a lot. When abuse starts, the only possible thing that will follow is a breakup. However, some are given an opportunity and they work well.

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