Little girl becomes unlikeliest of best friends with a giant rabbit

(Picture: @big_cocoa_puff/Caters News)

A little girl has become best friends with a huge one-and-a-half stone rabbit.

35-year-old mum-of-two Lindsay Smith bought the fluffy brown Continental Giant rabbit – named Cocoa Puff – in 2017 as a gift for daughter Macy’s second birthday.

But Cocoa Puff has grown so large that his monthly food bill is £200, and he needs to use the litter tray tens times more than a normal sized bunny would.

Lindsay, also mum to Hunter, six, said the almost three-foot-long pet is now almost the same size as her daughter Macy, now three.

(Picture: @big_cocoa_puff/Caters News)

Macy and Cocoa Puff have been inseparable ever since they met.

They play with toys, watch TV together and run around the garden.

Lindsay said: ‘Cocoa Puff, like other rabbits, takes a lot of work to care for.

‘However, due to his size certain things are more work — such as changing his litter boxes.

‘Cocoa Puff has always been wonderful with children, he loves being where the action is and is super patient and calm, making him a great family pet.

(Picture: @big_cocoa_puff/Caters News)

‘Macy and Cocoa Puff have always had a special bond, they are always together.’

Despite the most eye-catching aspect of Cocoa being his size, he is actually small for his breed.

The online sensation has since racked up thousands of online fans for his hilarious pictures and videos, which show him appearing next to dwarf Macy.

Lindsay added: ‘Cocoa Puff is actually small for his breed, we were hoping he would be about 5lbs heavier.

‘People are always surprised by his size, not knowing rabbits this big existed.’

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