Listen: Ariana Grande and Zendaya's New Men Plus More From This Week's Nightly Pop The Podcast

Here’s What’s Popping This Week On Nightly Pop The Podcast:

Billie Pisses Off Hip Hop, Nicki’s New Name for Meek & 50 Cent Walks Out – Nightly Pop 02/06/20
Oh snap–Nicki Minaj just reignited her beef with ex Meek Mill after he liked a negative post about her husband Kenneth Petty. Is the only way to deal with an ex just apathy? Plus, Billie Eilish majorly pisses off rap fans after saying that rappers exaggerate in their songs about their lifestyle. 50 Cent walked out on an interview with Complex after being asked about his feud with French Montana & more. Watch!

Stormi Calls the Shots, Jessica Drops Song & J.Lo Super Bowl Prep – Nightly Pop 02/05/20
Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi Webster calls her by her first name! Is Stormi trolling her mom? Plus, Jessica Simpson has more bombshells. She posted a video on Instagram revealing that she’s dropping new music. A-Rod documents fiancee J. Lo before the Super Bowl while she prepped! We discuss this and a whole lot more.

Meet Zendaya & Ariana’s New Men & Megan Thee Single – Nightly Pop 02/04/20

They were bored…and now they have boyfriends. Zendaya and Jacob Elordi were spotted kissing in New York City. Ariana Grande and the Social House singer Mikey Foster were seen getting very cozy at Disneyland and linking arms. Are the rumors true? Plus, Megan Thee Stallion tweeted in response to G-Eazy romance rumors and clarified that they are not in a relationship. We discuss this and so much more. Take a listen.

Wild Girl Winter, Gaga’s Halftime Reaction & Royally Awkward! – Nightly Pop 02/03/20
One question–WTF is going on between Megan Thee Stallion & G-Eazy?! G-Eazy posted a video on Twitter where he’s licking her face. Is Hunter heartbroken? Plus, Lady Gaga gives mixed messages about J.Lo & Shakira’s Super Bowl performance after making a comment about lip-syncing then tweeting about the fantastic halftime show performance. Take a listen.

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