Lip threading is the new cosmetic trend for a plumper pout

As cosmetic treatments become a societal norm and you can pop out to get filler on your lunch break, we’re seeing more and more new alternatives to plastic surgery on the market every day.

The latest? Lip threading.

But it’s not the kind of lip threading that we’re used to, as it involves absolutely no hair removal.

Dubbed the next big thing in achieving a plumper pout, the FDA-approved treatment consists of passing ‘threads’ through your skin to make the outline of your lips – and more specifically your Cupid’s bow – appear more defined.

You’re probably thinking WTF, but also, curious? How can THREAD make my lips look bigger?

Leading aesthetician and owner of ESHO clinics, Dr Tijon Esho, told Refinery29: “These threads are composed of poly-L-lactic acid, or PLLA, a biocompatible synthetic substance,” he explains. “They are placed into the lip to stimulate collagen production and therefore change both the shape and size of the lip. The collagen stimulation is modest, so there is a more noticed change in definition than volume of the lip itself.”

Ok so they don’t place *actual* threads inside your lip, but downtime after the procedure can still take up to two weeks and is known to be more uncomfortable than having filler as no anaesthetic is used – with the treatment coming at a price point of between £300 and £600, depending on your practitioner’s experience.

Being famed for his ‘Cupid’s bow lift’ treatment, Dr Esho says this kind of non-surgical tweakment can still carry risk.

“This is a medical procedure and all medical procedures will carry risk, but within the correct, experienced medical professional’s hands, this can be a safe procedure,” Dr Esho explains.

The threads will break down in your lip naturally over time, which also means the treatment isn’t easily reversible, which may be a benefit for someone seeking a longer lasting result. However, if something goes wrong, it can also be a lot more difficult to fix, and you could be left with lumpy lips or an infection.

Is this a trend set to take over the classic filler? We’ll keep you posted on that one…


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