Line of Duty season 6 spoilers: Tony Gates return SEALED as Lennie James drops hint

Lennie James hasn’t been on Line of Duty since season one where he played Tony Gates.

Sadly, Tony took his own life in the gripping conclusion in a bid to ensure his family got a fair pay out as he would have been forced to leave his role due to corruption.

As fans know all too well, anything goes in the series and it seems there could be a big twist in the coming sixth season as Lennie has suggested there’s a chance Tony could be alive. caught up with the Fear the Walking Dead actor at the BAFTA TV Awards where he spilled on the potentially epic plot twist.

When asked if he could ever return, Lennie teased: “I shot another series for Jed called Critical and he said ‘I’ve just written the scene where Tony Gates comes back’.

“So I was like yes finally, but then he came back and he was like I’ve just read it again and it was rubbish so I’m not doing it. 

“That’s what he does to people so he might do that again but he might not. Who knows?”

Whether or not Tony comes back to Line of Duty is still up in the air, but it’s big news for fans who probably haven’t considered the possibility.

Should Tony return, it would surely mean he was wrapped up in the H mystery.

At the end of the thrilling season five finale, Steve Arnott (played by Martin Compton) and Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) managed to get their boss, Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) off the hook. 

What’s more, while trying toward out who H was, it appeared they had been missing a trick: H was a number of people. 

There are a whopping four Caddies within the police force who are behind the corruptive activity. 

In Dot Cottan’s (Craig Parkinson) dying declaration, he gave a hint there were four Caddies.

Dot, Derek Hilton (Paul Higgins) and Gill Biggeloe (Polly Walker) were all revealed to be three of the corrupt entities.

That means there’s still one out there for AC-12 to find. 

Most likely, Line of Duty season six will centre around the search for the fourth Caddy.

Would a return of Tony mean there’s about to be a major twist in the tale?

Meanwhile, Lennie spoke about the future of Morgan Jones in Fear the Walking Dead.

The beloved character could be about to die as the actor dropped a tantalising hint on the BAFTA TV red carpet.

Line of Duty will return to BBC One. 


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