'Life-changing' food trick helps ensure items in your fridge don't get wasted

During the coronavirus lockdown in the UK, many people have found themselves buying more food than necessary, as they are spending more time at home.

This sadly meant a lot of food has been wasted, with items going off before they’d been used.

If you’ve found yourself with lots of products that are out of date and wishing you’d checked the packet sooner, we might have a simple solution for you.

That’s because a man named Matt Tee has shared his trick for ensuring food in his fridge gets used at the right time on Twitter.

Matt took to the social media app to reveal that he writes on his food packaging.

He called it a “little lockdown innovation”.

The tweet read: “Little lockdown innovation – use by dates written on the end of the packs of meat and fish, so I can see at a glance what needs eating today/ tomorrow.”

His post is slowly garnering attention online, with one person referring to the idea as “life-changing”.

They commented: “This is simple, yet life-changing.”

And this isn’t the only life hack we’ve learned in the last few days.

We’ve also discovered that our supposedly ‘clean’ towels are actually harbouring a lot of dirt and grime.

A nurse named Lauren shared this tip in a TikTok video, where she explained how to strip wash items such as towels, bedding and clothing to thoroughly clean them.

After several hours of soaking, her towels had turned the water mixture a disgusting shade of brown.

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You can read more about how she did it here.

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