Liam Gallagher once drove combine harvester to spy on The Stone Roses

Liam Gallagher has revealed that he once spied on The Stone Roses using a combine harvester.

Appearing on BBC 4 documentary Rockfield: The Studio On The Farm, the former Oasis frontman recalled the incident with his fellow Mancunians, which occurred at the Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire.

Oasis were visiting the studio to record their 1994 debut album Definitely Maybe when Gallagher and bandmate Bonehead overheard The Stone Roses playing nearby and headed off to track them down.

“We went to have a f***ing little snoop,” Gallagher explained, via The Sun. “It was, ‘Right, what the f*** are they up to?’ as they hadn’t been doing anything for three years.

“I’m on about a proper combine harvester – ones you’ve got to get a ladder up to and it’s miles up. Off we f***ing go, crawling down the road with the big f***ing lights on. It looked bonkers.”

He continued: “We drove it in, turned the lights off and rolled out like something out of The Professionals. We could hear some f***ing bassline and drums. We got caught, we went in and had a little chat.

“We might have had a spliff and that and then we f***ing f***ed off. Next night they came over on a tractor. We were in bed.”


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