Levi’s collaborates with Central Saint Martins students on limited edition collections

Denim fashion house Levi’s has partnered with three Central Saint Martins students on a set of limited edition collections.

The three students, Charlie Constantinou, Juntae Kim and Pip Paz-Howlett, were chosen to work in a collaboration with the brand, to customise and reimagine a range of dead stock pieces to create a capsule collection in their personal design styles.

Falling in line with the brand’s continued efforts to manufacture in a more sustainable manner, students were given access to Levi’s back catalogue to produce the capsules. The collections will be part of the by Levi’s range, launched back in October 2020, that consists entirely of remade and sustainably produced pieces.

Charlie Constantinou

Image: Levi’s, Charlie Constantinou

Experimenting with fastenings and zips, Constantinou aimed to transform the fit of a garment making it high-performance and adjustable depending on the wearer’s needs.

Image: Levi’s, Charlie Constantinou

Juntae Kim

Image: Levi’s, Juntae Kim

For this selection, the student took inspiration from European rococo and baroque costume, producing Trucker jacket’s adorned with floral embroidery and corset-like structural modifications.

Image: Levi’s, Juntae Kim

Pip Paz-Howlett

Image: Levi’s, Pip Paz-Howlett

In a more colourful approach, Paz-Howlett was influenced by 60’s and 70’s queer youth culture, with silk-screen artwork prints and graphic details throughout his pieces.

Image: Levi’s, Pip Paz-Howlett

The three collections are exclusively available and showcased throughout September at Levi’s Haus in London, with prices starting at 150 pounds.


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