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Len Goodman speaks out on 'what got on his wick' about Strictly 'Used to get on my nerves'

Five years after his departure from the show, Len has now revealed that he wasn’t a fan of the pre-recorded episode due to the nature of filming.

“I used to come home moaning a bit to my wife, it wasn’t about the show, do you know what did get on my wick? I don’t think it’s a secret, they do the results show an hour or so after the main show,” he said.

Len went on to add: “It was that hour after you’d finished and everything was finished, you’d done your hour and you’d done the show, now you’ve got to sit there and wait and then the results show would come and be recorded.

“And because it’s recorded, they would do everything twice – if there’s a dance and there’s nothing wrong with the dance and it’s all lovely, or there is somebody up singing, they would do it again – so that used to get on my nerves.”


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