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Left 4 Dead-inspired co-op shooter Aliens: Fireteam feels like a step backwards after Alien: Isolation – PC Gamer

Aliens: Fireteam is a co-op survival shooter where you create your own Colonial Marine, team up with two friends online (or bots if you’re playing solo), and battle xenomorphs, rogue androids, and other Alien-themed enemies across four campaigns. Set 23 years after the movies, your created character is a member of a squad of marines sent to protect frontier colonies from xenomorph attacks, which have now become a regular occurrence. According to developer Cold Iron Studios, at this point in the timeline xenomorphs “are no longer secrets or myths”, but people still fear them.

When Craig Zinkievich, head of Cold Iron, introduces me to Fireteam, he makes it clear that the game is inspired by Aliens, not Alien. And I can’t help but think, perhaps cynically: “Haven’t we done this already?” So many videogames have riffed on James Cameron’s 1986 sequel, from Halo to StarCraft, that it’s become a cliché. And after Alien: Isolation, which proved you could make a great Alien game without wisecracking marines mowing down hundreds of xenomorphs, Fireteam feels like a bit of a step backwards.


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