Leaving Neverland: Why Michael Jackson's accusers kept their emotions hidden

The airing of controversial documentary Leaving Neverland has given a voice to those that have claimed they were abused by Michael Jackson, in a series of explosive accusations.

Body language expert Judi James has analysed the screen presence of Wade Robson and James Safechuck, as they revealed their Neverland story.

Judi has said the details given made for uncomfortable viewing and this is why Jackson’s accusers kept their emotions hidden, while speaking out about what happened in the infamous property that was the home of the ‘King of Pop’…

“There was an overwhelming sense of contagious sadness about both men’s delivery and several notable similarities in their body language.

Michael Jackson has been accused of ‘child grooming’

James Safechuck has spoken out about sexual abuse in Neverland

“Both sat back in their seats, often with one or the other leg crossed on the thigh in a partial barrier but with their hands held high to make their gestures visible.

“Both Wade and James used illustrative gestures and moments of sustained eye contact as they spoke and both appeared to keep any emotional displays or drama to a minimum.

“James was softly spoken and rather gentle and eloquent in his delivery and his assymetric smile made him look politely likeable.

Some viewers found the documentary too sickening to watch

Michael Jackson has been accused of crimes against children

“His narrative included the fact that he felt he and Jackson were ‘in love like a married couple’ and it was only when he held some of the tiny rings Jackson had given him to the camera that we could see his hands shaking and he seemed to bite his lips as he apparently struggled to hold his emotions back.

“Wade was equally detailed in his narrative and his only tears came for the father that he had to leave behind rather than for himself.

“The detail in their stories made for very difficult and upsetting viewing and listening.”

* Leaving Neverland aired on Wednesday, March 6 with the second part on Thursday, March 7 at 9pm on Channel 4.

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