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Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment a group of suspected thugs laugh and joke after killing a family’s cat.

Distraught mum, Cheryl Bayes, 51, had just let her cat Honey out for ten minutes when her daughter heard screaming outside.

She looked outside her window in Dagenham, east London, and saw something lying on the grass, and went to check it out.

That’s when she realised it was Honey’s lifeless body.

One of Cheryl’s neighbours caught the suspects on their doorbell CCTV, which alerted their phone to an intruder in their front garden.

Cheryl soon realised the screaming had come from a group of men who appeared to have a small dog.

Cheryl’s cat Honey was brutally killed when she was let out for just 10 minutes

They were filmed swearing and laughing about the cat as one man picks up what is believed to be a dog.

Cheryl told ‘I think they set their dog on my cat. She was just lying on the floor when I found her, she had passed away.’

She added: ‘I could see her shoulder was all out of joint.

‘She had blood on her but I just wrapped her up in a blanket and put her in a box, and the RSPCA came to take her away.’

Cheryl said her daughter is ‘having nightmares’ because she thinks they will come back and finish off their other cat.

Caption: CCTV catches cat killers (Picture:
One of the men is seen picking up a dog after the cat was killed (Picture:

She said: ‘I’ve got another cat and I won’t let him out now. It’s really horrible because he meows to go out.

Cheryl fears they might strike again, adding: ‘If they’ve done it to my cat who else are they going to do it to?’

‘They’re free to do it to somebody else, it’s just not fair.’

A police spokesperson said: ‘Police were called at 10.27pm on Thursday, January 30 to a residential address in Downham following reports of a dead cat.

‘An appointment has been made to speak with the complainant.’


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