Lake District spot is ‘haunted’ by ghost army on horseback that appears in June

Legend says that the fellside on the edge of Blencathra is home to a ghost army that has been seen on a few occasions at this time of year. It is thought that the army was first seen during the evening of Midsummer’s Day in 1735 when a servant saw a line of soldiers on foot and horseback marching across the fell.

According to Lancashire Live, two years later the servant’s master and other family members witnessed the same sighting, which was apparently five men deep.

Ten years later on Midsummer’s Day evening in 1745, the spirits were seen by 26 people who even testified on oath as to what they had seen.

They claimed to have watched a line of marching troops, cavalry and even carriages travelling along the summit ridge for hours.

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One of the lakes itself is thought to be haunted. According to legend, when the villages around Lake Windermere are about to come under harm, a white horse can be seen walking across the lake to warn residents.

In addition, one of the UK’s most haunted castles, Muncaster Castle, sits in the Western Lake District. There have been claims of footsteps in the corridors and doors opening on their own.

For those who want to experience the spooky castle they can attend a  ghost vigil or, if you are brave enough, you can spend the night in the Tapestry Room, the most haunted part of the building.

Additional reporting by Sarah Hodgson.


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