Lagunitas is hosting a Beer Circus and clowns go free – yes, really

The legendary Lagunitas Beer Circus is coming to the capital next weekend, and it’s sure to be the ultimate day out.

Whats more, if you’re a professional clown, you can win tickets to get in for free and a bundle free drinks. Reports currently show there are only 100 clowns remaining in the UK – so let’s give them something to smile about.

The event takes place on the 20 July at lat Iron Square, Central London, and is open to everyone – clown or not.

But if you’re not one for the oversized shoes and red nose, every attendee, clown or not, will get a Lagunitas DayTime Session IPA on arrival – and a token for another available drink of their choice – there’s really no excuse.

Expect beer, music, games and a whirling frenzy of freaktacular entertainment – one thing is for sure, it’s not for kids.

Buy tickets to the Lagunitas Beer Circus here . Want some for yourself? You can buy Lagunitas here .

It’s going to be great!

Professional clown and Author, Bibbledy Bob, said, “What’s not to love about clowns? It’s side-splitting, honest buffoonery that makes people laugh – simple light hearted entertainment. Since the ‘100 clowns remaining story’ hit the headlines, I’m thrilled to say that we are seeing numbers back on the rise, we need clowns to be celebrated and our numbers to continue to grow to ensure that this time honoured tradition of silliness and good clean fun never, ever dies out! 

Clowns are the heart and soul of any good Circus, so working with the Lagunitas Beer Circus we’re aiming to unite clowns and shine a light on the joy they bring to thousands of people each year. Regardless of their background or style, from classic clowns to the more offbeat adult-themed performers, clowns keeping the tradition alive will be rewarded with free tickets to the Lagunitas Beer Circus and a few beers too! Because after all, what’s a circus without its loyal clowns?”   

You’ll need to prove you’re a professional clown to win the tickets – but you can still go if not!

The clown tickets are available on a first come, first served basis and each ticket will be worth £20. There’s ten up for grabs, and so if you’re a clown wanting to claim a free Lagunitas Beer Circus ticket and two free beers – worth £20 – please contact   between 3rd and 17th July 2019. Use the heading ‘Lagunitas Beer Circus’, confirm that you are over 18, and outline your clown experience and please attach proof of your clown credentials e.g. your website, membership of a clown association, an image of you as a clown or other evidence deemed acceptable by Lagunitas and its PR agency Cow.

Are you going to head down?

But what can us ordinary folk expect at Lagunitas Beer Circus? Expect things you can’t unsee and unhear, with Brain flossing, razor-blade eating and sword swallowing are all part of the fun, along with alternative aerial displays, burlesque dancers, bearded ladies and a whole heap more.

Oh, and beer, a lot of beer.


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