Labour’s Rachel and Ellie Reeves plot to make history as first sisters in Cabinet

RACHEL and Ellie Reeves are plotting to make history and become the first sisters to ever sit in the Cabinet – if Labour is handed keys to power.

The two Labour frontbenchers have vowed to work “closely together” to ensure Sir Keir Starmer becomes the next Prime Minister.

Labour sisters Rachel and Ellie Reeves


Labour sisters Rachel and Ellie ReevesCredit: Dan Charity
The Reeves consider themselves really lucky to have each other personally and professionally


The Reeves consider themselves really lucky to have each other personally and professionallyCredit: Dan Charity

And with Rachel serving as Shadow Chancellor and Ellie as election strategist, their bond might just be Labour’s secret weapon.

Unlike the Miliband brothers, whose epic feud several years ago gripped the British political world, the Reeves consider themselves “really lucky” to have each other personally and professionally.

The sisters, who are also “best friends”, were each other’s bridesmaids, and when they played a guessing game with the Sun, only disagreed about who would win Strictly Come Dancing

They hands down agreed during Rachel would win in a fight and Ellie would spend all her money on something she doesn’t need. 

With the general election on the horizon and a few by-elections victories, they also agreed about the main ingredient for a Labour triumph: if voters, Sun readers, trust the party with their money. 

Rachel said: “We are clearly going to work very explicitly together because Ellie is the Deputy National Campaign coordinator for the party and the election is going to be about the economy, about the cost of living crisis, about stable public finances, about a plan to grow the economy and ensure all parts of the country have good jobs… 

“Ellie and I will work closely together in communicating those messages.”

She added: “For me, it is clear Labour will only win the election if voters, if Sun readers, trust us with their money.”

Ellie also insisted the economy is going to be “central” to the next general election and that she has “every confidence” Rachel will be the right person to “lead us on all of this”.

“My job is to make sure that when that election comes we are in the best position to demonstrate to Sun readers and to the country that Labour is a changed Labour Party and that we have a plan for the future“, she said.

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The Reeves are the daughters of two teachers and went from a comprehensive school in Beckenham, London, to Oxford University

Ellie, 43, studied  law and Rachel, 45, studied philosophy, politics and economics. 

They became members of the Labour party during their teenage years, shortly before the party’s iconic 1997 election triumph.

Reflecting on their past and the potential to make history as the first sisters to sit in Cabinet together, Rachel said: “When we were growing up in southeast London in the 80s and 90s, people didn’t think that two girls from the local state school would end up one day representing their communities in Parliament, and then potentially going on to serve today in the shadow cabinet. 

“And I hope this time next year in the Cabinet.

“It’s not just about two sisters. It’s about two women from ordinary backgrounds who I think against the odds have reached some of the highest jobs in politics, and I’m incredibly proud of Ellie and myself, for achieving that.”

Pressed on why Labour has not been able to elect a female leader, though, Rachel said: “Let’s get Keir elected as Prime Minister first and if Keir is elected, I will be the first ever woman to serve at the Treasury as Chancellor of the Exchequer and that’s one glass ceiling that I am determined to smash and it would be a huge privilege to do so.”

On whether they would consider becoming leader if there was a vacancy in the future, Ellie burst into laughter before saying no, while Rachel did not rule it out.

She said: “This is not something that appeals to me…the perfect job for me would be Chancellor of the Exchequer. If I could just get rid of that shadow at the beginning of my current job title, I would be very, very happy.”


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