Labour says May's resignation plan makes backing her 'blindfold Brexit' even harder – live news

Following the prime minister’s commitment yesterday to resign before the next phase of negotiations begin, it’s even more of a blindfold Brexit –because we now know that the outcome of our future relationship with the EU is not going to be determined by her.

My biggest fear is that unless parliament takes a stand now, the outcome of the negotiations is going to be determined by the outcome of next Tory leadership contest.

It could be a Boris Johnson Brexit.

A Jacob Rees-Mogg Brexit.

Or a Michael Gove Brexit.

That should give anyone considering supporting May’s deal on Friday serious concern.

Equally, if the prime minister tries to separate the withdrawal agreement and the political declaration altogether, that only makes matters worse.

We would be leaving the EU, but with absolutely no idea where we are heading. That cannot be acceptable and Labour will not vote for it.


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