Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND DLC revealed

Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to get a premium DLC called ReMIND.

News comes from a Kingdom Hearts Orchestra: World of Tres concert held today in Tokyo, Japan.

According to those in attendance, Kingdom Hearts development chief Tetsuya Nomura took to the stage to offer brief details of Kingdom Hearts 3’s DLC plan (thanks, Siliconera).

The paid DLC is to be thought of as like a Final Mix, and includes an additional scenario called ReMIND, a limited episode with a boss, and a secret episode with a boss. There’s also an English language option for the Japanese version (no word on whether the English version can switch to the Japanese voiceover).

There’s free DLC in the form of a new keyblade and a new form, too.

Expect more to be announced from Square Enix in June.


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