Kevin Maguire: Boris Johnson back in power on Friday 13th is our worst nightmare

Imagine waking up on Friday the 13th to Boris Johnson back in Downing Street.

Imagine another five years of miserable Tory austerity, schools run down and our precious NHS denied life-saving injections.

Imagine the nasty smugness of a hypocrite refusing to reveal how many kids he’s fathered as Universal Credit crushes low-income “loser” families in or out of work.

Imagine the lost alternatives, from free broadband to compensating WASPI women born in the ’50s who were cheated of pensions by the Conservatives.

And imagine the nightmare of an incompetent, lazy, aloof, sordid liar unchained to unleash Tory mayhem with a Commons majority.

The “please wake up” plea from Labour chair Ian Lavery – a working-class hardbitten Northumberland former coal miner – is the party taking its fears direct to the people ahead of polling a week Thursday.

Johnson’s moronic mantra “Get Brexit Done” is the largest fib of a dishonest Tory campaign but coming close is the writhing PM’s refusal to accept Conservative government errors over London Bridge terrorist Usman Khan.

Police cuts, prison cuts, probation cuts and in 2012 cutting the Imprisonment for Public Protection sentence to keep potential killers off the streets were all reckless decisions.

And imagine the nightmare of an incompetent, lazy, aloof, sordid liar unchained to unleash Tory mayhem with a Commons majority

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General election 2019

Blaming Labour was branded another Johnson lie by former chief prosecutor Nazir Afzal, who put many terrible criminals behind bars, including grooming gangs.

The devastated father of murdered prison rehabilitation worker Jack Merritt said his son would not have wanted his son’s death exploited by ­politicians, but opportunist Johnson did exactly that, to his shame.

The polls are closing and maybe the anti-Tory majority is starting to contemplate widespread tactical voting to avoid getting out of bed on Friday the 13th to discover the colossal charlatan has lied his way into power.

I grasp why many traditional Labour voters are feeling wary of Jeremy Corbyn – until the choice is jaundiced Johnson.

Labour’s programme for real change is a game-changer compared to the prospect of more thin gruel from the Tories.

This race isn’t over until nudging 30 million votes are cast and counted.

Friday week will either be either an exciting fresh start or despair.

You decide.


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