Kebab Queen is launching a seven-course tasting menu that includes foie gras and lamb’s tongue

(Picture: Kebab Queen)

Most of us have enjoyed a messy, delicious kebab on the way home after a night out.

Frankly, it’s a time-honoured tradition for many people (myself included).

As of late, the popular dish has received a makeover and is now longer contained to local shops – where the greasiness of your kebab is only matched by the slathering of garlic and chilli sauce – with restaurants such as Le Bab and Maison Bab cropping up across the capital with gourmet kebabs.

Founders of the above have announced their latest project and it’s even snazzier than its existing options.

Please welcome Kebab Queen, a restaurant where kebab connoisseurs can sample a seven-course tasting menu that includes delicacies such as foie gras.

The Foie Gras Kebabito is a minature kebab, to be eaten in two bites.

Don’t worry, the miniscule serving will be followed up by six more sizzling dishes such as the Doner Risotto – lamb jus risotto with shavings of lamb tongue – and a chargrilled fish shish kebab of monkfish, monkfish liver and chicken skin, served on a charred cabbage leaf.

(Picture: Kebab Queen)

Afterwards, for your main, bite into a rum-aged spit roast Fesenjan duck, with a crust of crisp Persian rice.

Finally, for dessert, guests will be served freshly-baked sticky milk buns (dubbed ‘Got Milk?’), stuffed full of caramelised cream and topped with crème fraiche sorbet.

The experience costs £60 and includes an optional wine pairing extra for £40.

Kebab Queen will open in the basement of Maison Bab, which has been designed to resemble a high street – the restaurant itself resembles a shop front, with space for 10 guests.

It will be run by chef Manu Canales, who currently runs the Le Bab kitchen and diners will be encouraged to eat with their hands.

At least in this way, it’ll be like your usual kebab experience – dig in.

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