Katy Perry's Stylist Reveals Why Her Fashion Hasn't Changed Since Becoming a Mom

Never underestimate a mom’s fashion game.

As Katy Perry‘s stylist, Tatiana Waterford has had the privilege of dressing the music superstar for a variety of events including President Joe Biden‘s Celebrating America inauguration concert and new episodes of American Idol. And no matter where the Grammy nominee goes, her stylist is ready for the adventure. 

“The fashion of American Idol is definitely very fun,” Tatiana exclusively shared with E! News during New York Fashion Week. “You get to go crazy and make incredible custom looks and that’s so fun about my job. I can almost look for the craziest, funnest things and it’s like, who would ever wear this? Katy Perry will.”

And while some may be quick to assume Katy is taking less risks now that she’s a mom to daughter Daisy, Tatiana is quick to say that’s just not the case.

“We can have just as much fun now that she’s a mom too,” she explained. “There’s too much ‘moms can’t wear this.’ She looks amazing!”


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