Julie Christie at 80: Doctor Zhivago Omar Sharif tribute 'She put love above her career'

That year, Christie also headlined one of the biggest films of all time, Doctor Zhivago, opposite Omar Sharif.

The shoot was notoriously difficult, a mid-winter heatwave in Spain was disastrous when the production needed snow to portray Russia.

Christie said: “St Petersburgh in mid-Winter in fact was Madrid in a heatwave. We were all waiting, this multi-million dollar epic, was waiting to be made while we were all sweating away in our furs in 100 degrees heat, waiting for the snow which never came.

“Finally we were saved by the props and set dressers. So they covered the whole of the set in mountains of marble dust and for the long shots, the fields were covered by miles and miles of bed sheets.”


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