Jelly Roll ‘Couldn’t Believe’ Eminem Wanted to Perform With Him

“I thought it was a joke until I met Eminem himself,” he said about performing with the rapper in Detroit

Jelly Roll is still “giddy like a child” after performing with Eminem last weekend. The country star joined the rapper for a “Sing for the Moment” performance at Detroit’s Michigan Central concert, and the country star simply couldn’t believe it was happening.

“When I think about coolest moments of my career, right now at the top, there has to be this thing that I got to go sing with Eminem in Detroit,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “Just what an incredible night and I got to go do it in Detroit. It was unreal.”

Jelly said Eminem’s team reached out to him and when he heard the news he simply “couldn’t believe it.”

“I thought it was a joke until I met Eminem himself,” he told the outlet. “I thought I was being joked!”

“I even know Eminem’s manager. He’s a friend of mine. He’s really good to me,” Jelly recounted. “I was like, ‘Paul, don’t play.’ He was like, ‘I swear.’ And as soon as I met Eminem, it was like the coolest moment ever, man.”

Looking back at videos of the performance, Jelly shared that he could see “just the kid in me” excited to perform with one of his idols. “As soon as I get through singing, I’m like, ‘Whoa, I just let this steamroller out.’ It’s really cool,” he said.


Jelly’s partner Bunnie XO also shared a TikTok of the two meeting for the first time before the show, writing, “When the goat meets THE GOAT.”

Jelly went from Michigan to Nashville, where he hosted CMA Fest’s shows at Nissan Stadium. He also dueted with MGK and performed a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover with Bert Kreischer during two separate appearances at Spotify House.


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