Jean-Claude Juncker explodes at Boris Johnson and Brexiteers: ‘Bulls**t!’

Mr Juncker, who will be replaced by Ursula von der Leyen next week, says he regrets not getting involved in the debate to counter claims being made. The expletives laden tirade occurred in Brussels. He told an audience: “They were saying things, some of them – lying.

“Telling the people things which have nothing to do with our day by day reality.

David Cameron asked me not to intervene in the referendum campaign because he said the European Commission is even less popular on the islands than on the continent.”

According to YouGov, Mr Juncker only has a 11 percent approval rating with the British public.

His highest rate of approval is 14 percent amongst millennials.

The site claims fans of the former Luxembourg Prime Minister also like Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Mr Juncker spoke about his non-intervention: “That was a major mistake: I should have intervened, because nobody was denying, contesting the lies Boris Johnson and others were spreading around.

“It’s nonsense, bulls**t.”

He described Britain’s departure from the EU, which was expected to be the day before his term ends as a “shame”.

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Labour have refused to back his call with Jeremy Corbyn claiming he will wait till no deal is no longer an option.

Chancellor Sajid Javid has admitted the deadline of October 31 cannot be reached but put the blame on Parliament rather than Government.

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Speaking to the BBC, Mr Javid said: “We now have to accept that we won’t be able to leave on October 31 because Parliament has requested an extension.

“We have to assume they will offer a three month extension.

“The Opposition have said, week after week, that if there is a delay of three months, which is what they requested through Parliament, then they will vote for a general election, so let’s see if they keep their word.”

He added: “If they don’t then we will keep bringing back to Parliament a motion to have an election.

“And we will keep doing that again and again.”

Britain vote to leave on June 23 in 2016.

If Brexit does not occur until January 31, 1318 days would have passed.


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