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Jason Roy: England cricketer and wife Elle's horror at finding baby daughter 'lifeless'

Jason Roy, who is now out during England’s World Cup semi-final clash against Australia, spent a night at his daughter Everly’s bedside back in May.

The cricketer, who is married to wife Elle Moore, recalled his baby girl, who was eight-weeks-old at the time, was ill and looked “lifeless”.

“It was very scary,” he told The Sun. “She’s only eight weeks old.”

Revealing what happened, he said: “My missus came into the hotel room in Nottingham at 1am. Everly was throwing up, quite lifeless and we couldn’t keep her awake.”

Jason explained they called the emergency number who said they should try and keep Everly awake – but she kept falling asleep.

He continued: “She seemed lifeless, which was a real worry. So we took her to child A&E in hospital in Nottingham.

“They’re such good people and looked after us really well, did tests and everything until about 8.30am.”

He added: “Everly’s doing a lot better now. It was a stomach infection and a bit of a fever. She’s back home and we’ve had a couple of smiles out of her.”

After the scare, Jason went on to play in England’s opener’s century against Pakistan, following two hours sleep.


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