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James Martin: Saturday Morning host hits back after being accused of ignoring fan

James Martin, 47, appeared to feel he had to defend himself after a fan took umbrage with the TV chef appearing to blank them on social media. The Saturday Morning favourite didn’t know what was headed his way when he innocently tweeted a link to a new song by his guitar instructor, encouraging his 648,000 Twitter followers to checkout out. Seemingly out of the blue, a fan took to the comments to blast: “Do you ever read messages from your followers or is your page all about you and cars? I have asked you 6 times for info on a dish from your show on Saturday and you can’t be a***d answering.”

Taking the accusation in his stride, James was calm and collected as he explained the situation to the angry Twitter user.

“When you stop swearing… the show was a repeat from years ago and I was on a flight at the time on Saturday,” he replied.

Helpfully, he then tweeted: “You will find almost all the recipes on the jamesmartinchef website as ITV don’t have a food page. Hope that helps.”

However, the Saturday Morning viewer wasn’t at all satisfied, bluntly writing back: “Thank you but no I couldn’t find it.”

The Twitter user still sounded frustrated when another fan suggested they simply re-watched the episode in order to catch more of the recipe.

“I couldn’t find it anywhere for f***’s sake!” they exclaimed. “Do you think I haven’t looked for it?”

The enraged viewer had tweeted James three times in the previous two days asking for details about the recipe for a lamb dish featured on the show.

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James launched James Martin’s Saturday Morning in 2017 after previously quitting his job at the helm on Saturday Kitchen.

The chef hosted the BBC cooking programme for 10 years before leaving in 2016.

This week, James Martin concerned fans by announcing “changes” to Saturday Morning.

Revealing few details, he tweeted cryptically: “We are changing bits for the new series.”

Viewers flooded to the comments, with some sounding apprehensive about the possibility of the “changes” to come.

“What,” one said, while another added: “So long as you’re still hosting that’s the main thing.”

“Ooh James you’re such a tease!” a third quipped. “You can’t leave us dangling like this, just a little clue lol!

“I’m sure it’ll be fan whatever,” they added.

James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs Saturdays at 9.25am on ITV.


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