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James Blunt responds on being accused of writing hit song about girl he 'barely knows'

James Blunt is well known for his witty comebacks on social media and his latest does not disappoint. The singer came under fire from a troll who had been listening to his 2005 track You’re Beautiful.

The social media user claimed that James had written the song about falling in love with a woman that he had barely known.

Addressing the claim, James informed the person that it was about an ex-girlfriend.

Rumours have previously suggested the ex in question is Dixie Chassay, however James has never confirmed or denied this.

He explained that it was about seeing an ex girlfriend on the London Underground with her new partner.

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“I’m assuming that [the Twitter user] is new to this planet – definitely new to twitter if he thinks he can have a go at @JamesBlunt with impunity!” one person commented.

Sharing a similar sentiment another added: “People who take on James Blunt on Twitter, just don’t. You’d have more luck invading Afghanistan, and I think he’s already done that too. He’s the king of Twitter clap backs; accept it, and move on.”

“To be fair, he didn’t tag JB. He was just putting his thoughts out into the universe,” another added, followed by a laughing emoji.

In February, someone tweeted a message of encouragement that echoed James’ song lyrics.

“If no one told you today. You are beautiful,” it read.

James retweeted the post and wittily added: “I did already.”

Meanwhile last month, another person wrote online: “Even James Blunt wouldn’t go to a James Blunt concert.”

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To which the singer amusingly hit back: “Unless they paid me.”


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