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Jack P Shepherd heartbreak: Why Coronation Street star ‘nearly gave up acting’

His efforts in acting have proved lucrative; twice has he won soap awards.

In 2008, he won the British Soap Award for Villain of the year, while in 2018 he won the prestigious British Soap Award for Best Actor.

Despite having won such well-established awards, Jack revealed last year that he had considered quitting Coronation Street and leaving acting forever.

It came after the soap star began to lose his hair, as the balding led to a downwards spiral in his mental health.

After going off the radar for a short period, Jack posted a before and after picture to his Instagram, showing how his hairline had been restored through a hair transplant.

In the post, he wrote: “Nine months it’s been since I had my hair transplant – this is the first time I’ve compared pictures to what I used to look like.

“I decided to get it done as it was affecting my mental health.

“To the point where I considered giving up acting and not being in the public eye.”

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“I know a lot of actors have similar concerns to me and are desperate to cover up their baldness.

“We need surgical help not because we are particularly vain but to protect our livelihoods as actors.

“My body confidence has soared since I had the procedure as the new hair has grown back.

“It is nine months since I went under the knife and it takes a year to see the full effects – so I still have around 10 percent more to go.”

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Talking to the Manchester Evening News at the time, Jack blamed his baldness in part of stress and insomnia caused by off-screen pressures.

He said: “I remember seeing myself on screen and thinking: ‘Oh my God, it is really falling out.’”

The transplant took place in 2018.

Some nine months later, in 2019, his hairline had practically returned to its natural state.

Many Britons flock to countries abroad such as Turkey every year to have hair restoration procedures.

However, Jack opted to stay in the UK for peace of mind.

He said: I was very keen to work with a UK surgeon – you do read some scary stories about things going wrong at clinics abroad in countries like Turkey.”


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