I've tried thousands of products as a beauty assistant and these are the 5 beauty products under £10 that I swear by

With a new beauty release being announced by the minute, it’s becoming almost impossible to maintain a solid regime, or one at all for that matter.

You succumb to the hype, purchase a product and barely make it to the end of the bottle or tub before you’ve set your sights on a new find – story of my life. I’ve tried and tested more beauty products than I’d dare to count and select a new favourite pretty much every other day. However, I am always sure to keep a safe haven of beauty saviours that I can always depend on when my current collection just isn’t cutting it.

It’s all fun and games being a product junkie and keeping up with trends, but ultimately it’s down to preference. Fortunately, I have compiled a list of 5 skincare and makeup products that will never leave my stash or break the bank in the process.

These are the 5 beauty products under £10 that I swear by…


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