ITV Loose Women panellist brought to tears as heartbreaking segment leaves fans 'shocked'

viewers who tuned into Loose Women today were left “emotional” and “shocked” after Myleene Klass candidly spoke openly about baby loss. The panel discussed the recent introduction of baby loss certificates for bereaved parents.

The TV star opened up about suffering four miscarriages before breaking down in tears. Parents who have lost a baby to miscarriage before 24 weeks can now receive a certificate in recognition of their loss.

Myleene shared: “I’ve had four miscarriages and I’ve only registered two onto my medical records. It’s important data for you and your children. I didn’t know my auntie had a miscarriage – it’s like having to keep ripping that band-aid.”

The presenter then became overwhelmed with emotion and apologised, with Kaye Adams and Judi Love both consoling her and giving her tissues as she tried to compose herself.

Many ITV viewers were moved by Myleene’s story and took to social media to voice their reaction. One person said on X: “@KlassMyleene @sarker making me well up on @loosewomen. You are amazing women. #loosewomen.” (sic)

A second person chimed in: “@loosewomen feel so much for you myleene, I had 2 miscarriages then a successful yet premature baby, then another 2 miscarriages, one was during my sisters wedding! They wouldn’t investigate the reasons as I didn’t have 3 miscarriages in a row!” (sic)

A third typed: “I’m absolutely overwhelmed with @KlassMyleene on @loosewomen today, as a guy who has never been exposed to miscarriage I’m blown away at how ignorant I am towards the situation. I’ve never had to think about it fortunately but it’s all on show, well done for being so honest.” (sic)

A fourth commented: “6 minutes into @loosewomen and It’s an emotional one. Love watching this everyday. It raises so much awareness and you feel like you’re not the only one going through things.” (sic)

One more said: “@loosewomen#loosewomen #womensrights Im shocked to know that miscarriage is not on medical records, so wrong. God bless #Myleene @KlassMyleene.” (sic)

On yesterday’s episode, Sunetra Sarker opened up about attending her first mammogram appointment in a bid to encourage other women to get their breasts checked. During the chat, she also spoke about losing two friends to the disease.

“I knew it was important I did this, because I was actually quite floored about losing two of my mates,” she started. “I think we are all still 21 in our heads and I think a lot of us do. The people you meet – you stay at the age you meet them at.

“I met Louise Bracken aged four and I met Louise Clark aged 16. So we just stayed in these places. So when they got diagnosed with cervical and breast cancer, I was just like ‘You’ll get better!’ There’s so much going on in cancer now.”

If you’ve been affected by this storyline, you can find out more information at Breast Cancer Now and Tommy’s Midwives. 

Loose Women airs daily at 12:30pm on ITV and ITVX.  


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