ITS 2020 launches, and announces the ITS Arcademy opening

The International Talent Support competition, which celebrates and
promotes emerging designers, has opened applications for its ITS 2020
event, which will culminate with a final in Trieste, Italy on July 17.

For the ITS 2020 event, the competition has set the theme as ‘Here We
Belong, Searching for Responsible Creativity’ as it looks to address what
it calls a “conscious and necessary cultural shift in all aspects of our
daily life and, even more so, in the diverse expressions of creativity”.

Barbara Franchin, founder and director of ITS, said in a statement: “We
belong, thus, we are: alive, active, productive. Capable of creating
responsibly and to grow sustainably. Together with the rest of the planet,
the important issue of our responsibility towards the environment and
society. Will it be able to do so without losing its drive and originality?
Responsible creativity means also creative responsibility.”

Applications for the 2020 competition across fashion, accessories,
jewellery and artwork, will be open until March 15, with the names of the
finalists set to be announced in early May.

To apply all designers have to commit to the concept of “responsible
creativity” to be in with a chance of winning awards, such as the ITS
Fashion Award and ITS Responsible Accessories Award, which each will reward
the winner with 10,000 euros and mentorship organised by Fashion

Other awards include the OTB Award, where the winner will receive a cash
prize of 10,000 euros and the chance to carry out an internship in one of
the group’s brands, while the winner of the Diesel Award will receive a
cash prize of 10,000 euros and a 6-month internship at Diesel’s HQs.

While the ITS [email protected] by illy Award challenges designers to
revolutionise the bartender’s apron with a focus on sustainability to win
10,000 euros, the Lotto Sport Award invites three finalist to draw on the
historical archive of the brand and create an outfit inspired by Lotto’s
heritage and the world of tennis to win a 3-month internship, and the
Tomorrow Entrepreneurial Creativity Award will provide a space to showcase
the winner’s collection at the Tomorrow Le Palais Showroom, Paris.

International Talent Support to open ITS Arcademy in July 2021

After a 20-year journey, ITS has confirmed that it has found a new home
within the palace of Fondazione CRTrieste, where its ITS Arcademy, a space
for creativity will open to coincide with the 20th edition of ITS in July

Franchin, explained: “Us at ITS always propose a space – that from July
2021 will not be only virtual, but physical too, with the new ITS Arcademy
– in which the conversation on the most vibrant and urgent may be expressed
through creation, with truly significant strength and impact.

“Trieste and the world too are our home, ITS is our big creative family
which, today more than ever, wishes to contribute to such conversation with
an almost predictive outlook on the future that only a community such as
this can have.”

The new creative hub, Arcademy encompasses and sums up the core elements
of the mission envisaged by ITS: Archive, Arc and Academy, with the aim of
providing a “dynamic and lively space” where former finalists, jurors and
the contest’s international network will have an active space for exchange
and development for innovators.

The space will not only house the ITS Creative Archive, featuring an
ever-expanding collection comprising of 18,000 portfolios, more than 240
outfits, 125 accessories and jewellery pieces, and over 700 photographs,
but will also have an exhibition element showcasing this archive as well as
temporary exhibitions that will offer a space for dialogue between the
world of fashion and those of the arts, cinema and design.

In addition, there will be an educational side offering public courses
and workshops to elementary, middle and high-school students from all over
Italy, tourists and globally, as well as professional events, dedicated to
insiders, where former ITS competitors will return to Trieste as teachers,
and where companies will be able to create workshops and special projects.

Image: courtesy of International Talent Support (ITS)


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