Is this VR headset as effective as a gruelling Barry’s Bootcamp workout?

Best for: Joining the mind-blowing metaverse

No, not a PS5 and now an Xbox Series X, but rather the very latest entry point into the world of VR gaming, the Meta Quest 3; and what an entry point it is too as having been hands-on and head-in with the device, I can quite honestly and emphatically say that I’m a complete and utter convert.

Currently costing about the same as the console twins, what you get in the box is the headset with the standard pre-installed facial interface, 2x Touch Plus controllers and power gubbins, so all quite simple and straightforward. Then you download the Meta Quest app on your phone, install some apps, slip on the headset and slip seamlessly into the virtual world.

Using mixed reality, you can let the Quest 3 measure and map the movable space within the room or do it manually, then bring up the virtual control panel to select games, TV streaming channels or, well, all manner of marvellous things to get started. Naturally, I waded straight in with some battle royales.

Games cost anything from free to around £30 for heavy hitters like Resident Evil and The Walking Dead, or up to £45 for stunning new stuff like Asgard’s Wrath 2. All of which are – and I can’t stress this enough – utterly thrilling to play.

With an adjustable head-strap, it’s simple to find a comfortable fit, and the ergonomic controls are intuitive to use.

While I’ll never abandon console or PC play, the Meta Quest 3 has dazzled me and thoroughly turned my head with its truly immersive play, sucking me in with its irresistible succubus charms.

Finally, I should probably mention that, yes, you can do much more than just play games with the Meta Quest 3, with other equally amazing work and entertainment options available.


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