Is Nutella vegan or vegetarian friendly?

Nutella with banana is a heavenly combination. (Picture: Getty)

Nutella, the most famous hazelnut spread in the world, is a staple for many when it comes to toast toppings, pancake fillings, spread for waffles or even when it comes to baking simple cakes – but can it also be enjoyed by vegetarians and vegans?

You’ve got more willpower than most if you’ve never eaten Nutella straight out of the jar at least once – unless you’ve got an allergy or dietary need that prevents you from ever trying the chocolatey spread, of course.

While we know Nutella is a no-go if you have a nut allergy but is fine if you follow a Kosher or Gluten free diet, can the spread be enjoyed by vegans and vegetarians too?

Is Nutella vegetarian?

Despite the rumours that Nutella may not be suitable for vegetarians because of an ingredient used to make it softer and creamier, the sugary hazelnut spread in the UK is suitable for vegetarians and Ferrero (the company who produce Nutella) have previously emphasised that: ‘Our recipe contains 7 simple ingredients, with no colourings and no preservatives.’

The seven ingredients they speak of are: sugar, palm oil, hazelnuts, milk, cocoa, lecithin (soya) and vanillin.

As a result, Nutella is vegetarian and is labelled as such in supermarkets, where you can see ‘Suitable for vegetarians’ printed on the label.

This means veggies can feel free to take advantage of the huge 1kg jars of Nutella available in supermarkets like Morrison’s and Asda.

Seems like enough for at least a couple of weeks. Maybe. (Picture:

Is Nutella vegan?

Unfortunately, because Nutella contains milk, it is not suitable for vegans.

However, there are plenty of vegan and dairy-free hazelnut spreads out there, so just because you can’t eat Nutella doesn’t mean you have to miss out.

Brands like Biona Organic, Mr Organic and Sweet Freedom all do delicious vegan chocolate spreads that make great alternatives to Nutella.

Mr Organic Dairy Free Organic Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread, yum! (Picture: Mr Organic)

You can find them in major supermarkets, online and in health food stores like Holland & Barrett.

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