In first, Sports Illustrated will feature burkini-clad model

Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit
issue, best known for its racy covers of scantily clad bikini models, will
feature for the first time a Muslim model wearing a hijab and burkini, the
magazine said Monday.

Somali-American model Halima Aden’s rookie spread will be set in Kenya,
where she born in a refugee camp and lived until the age of seven.

“Growing up in the States, I never really felt represented because I never
could flip through a magazine and see a girl who was wearing a hijab,” Aden
said in a video tweeted by the magazine.

Sports Illustrated also posted a picture of her posing lying down in
shallow water, wearing a turquoise hijab, long yellow earrings and a deep blue
burkini — the full length swimsuit favored by some Muslim women.

Halima, 21, made headlines at age 19 when she was the first woman to wear a
hijab in the Miss Minnesota USA Pageant, where she made the semi-finals in

She has previously featured on the cover of British Vogue and walked on the
New York Fashion Week runway.(AFP)


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