I’m the perfect housewife and spend hours hand-making my kids cereal – trolls say I’m ‘desperate’ but I live to serve

A HOUSEWIFE has revealed the extreme lengths she goes to to make breakfast for her two children.

Nara Smith often shares cooking videos to her TikTok channel @naraazizasmith, where she has racked up a whopping 2.6 million followers.

Nara makes cereal from scratch


Nara makes cereal from scratchCredit: tiktok@naraazizasmith1/v
She makes everything for her kids from scratch


She makes everything for her kids from scratchCredit: tiktok@naraazizasmith1/v

In one video, she shared what her response was to her son and daughter asking for cereal for breakfast.

“I asked my toddlers what they wanted for breakfast and they both said cereal, so cereal it was”, she said.

Instead of heading to the kitchen cupboard to pick up a box of Frosties, Nara got out a wooden mixing bowl and some ingredients.

She then demonstrated how she made the cereal from scratch.

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Firstly, she made chocolate chip cookie cereal by mixing flour, peanut butter maple syrup milk and chocolate into a bowl.

She then rolled out the mixture into tiny balls and flattened them to resemble little cookies.

The 22-year-old put the little cookies on to a baking sheet and then put them in the oven for 10 minutes.

She then used a similar process to make a Coco Pops type cereal using oat flour, maple syrup, cocoa powder and nut butter.

Although the whole process seemed to take her hours, Nara seems to be very happy to hand-make everything for her children.

In another video, she said that her kids wanted cheese toasties for lunch, so she handmade the bread and even made her own cheese.

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In a third video, the housewife revealed that her husband was about to head to the shop to get some ice-cream, but she told him she would hand-make him some herself, even baking Oreo type biscuits from scratch to go inside.

Nara’s video has likely left many open-mouthed as it has racked up over 449,000 views on the video sharing platform.

TikTok users raced to the videos’ comments section to share their thoughts on Nara’s breakfast-making.

One user said: “And the main ingredient is desperation.”

Another user said: “What happens if they want more cereal and it’s finished?

A third user chimed in: “My son wouldn’t have the patience to wait that long”.

A fourth user joked: “They had breakfast at 6pm”.

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