I’m judged for my ‘lazy mum’ method because I make my tots cook for themselves – I don’t care, they’re so independent

A MUM has been blasted for being ‘lazy’ as she makes her tots cook their own meals.

Zi, a mum to twins, often shares her life on social media and has been targeted by trolls about her controversial parenting method.

Her two-year-old twins can already make breakfast and wash up


Her two-year-old twins can already make breakfast and wash upCredit: TikTok/@zi_twinmom
Some slammed the mum for being lazy


Some slammed the mum for being lazyCredit: TikTok/@zi_twinmom

In one clip, the mum showed her two twin boys, two, making themselves eggs and smoothies for breakfast.

Also in the clip, her children poured each other glasses of water and set about clearing their table and washing up all on their own – which some trolls had saw as the mum being lazy.

Hitting back at the mean comments she has received, Zi said: “While people are judging my ‘lazy mom’ approach and telling me that I shouldn’t have kids, my kids are blossoming in their independence.”

She added that her kids are learning lots of vital skills as she follows the Montessori parenting method.

“They’ve mastered organising their breakfast table, tidying up, showing mindfulness toward each other, responding to hunger cues,
and exploring diverse foods,” Zi continued.

“Letting them be independent has made a big difference, especially in reducing tantrums.

“Do I show them love? I absolutely do! They are my world!”

The parenting technique was first coined by Dr. Maria Montessori with the belief that children have an innate desire to learn and that they learn best through self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play, reports ParentingScience.

“The Montessori method emphasises individualised learning and allows children to work at their own pace and level of development,” it says.

“Montessori parenting mainly focuses on children’s need for learning through play and their desire to take on responsibility.”

These can include teaching children who to prepare food, how to cook safely and cleaning.

Not only does it help them gain invaluable skills from a young age, it also provides them with confidence to take on tasks researchers claim.

The clip posted to her TikTok account @zi_twinmom soon went viral with over 7million views and 900k likes.

Despite the backlash, many praised the mum for her parenting method.

One person wrote: “It’s crazy to me that people are calling this style of parenting lazy! This is basically the Montessori model and I absolutely love it honestly.”

Another commented: “Montessori parenting is the best!!”

“You’re teaching them fundamentals most adults lack,” penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: “It’s far lazier to do everything for your child! Most parents do this bc it’s quicker. The result is incompetent adults who can’t look after themselves.”

“We are NOT raising kids, we are raising ADULTS,” claimed a fifth.

Someone else added: “I think that’s amazing.”

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but plenty of people praised her for teaching her kids to be independent


but plenty of people praised her for teaching her kids to be independentCredit: TikTok/@zi_twinmom


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