I’m divorcing my entitled wife for being a stay-at-home mum – people reckon that’s ‘a job too’ but she’s so lazy

A MAN has sparked a fierce debate after breaking up with his stay-at-home wife for being too lazy.

The former hubby explained that he’d made the decision to divorce his wife after she refused to go back to work from maternity leave.

The ex-husband insisted that after working a long 80-hour week, he'd me be with chores taking up 28 hours every week


The ex-husband insisted that after working a long 80-hour week, he’d me be with chores taking up 28 hours every weekCredit: Getty

As reported by The Mirror, the relationship between the duo soured after they fell pregnant three years into their happy marriage.

The dad, 30, shared on Reddit: “I married my wife (30) around five years ago.

”We had been dating since high school. I loved how smart, ambitious and driven she was.

”We bonded over academics and nerd stuff. We had both landed good jobs in the same city right after college.”

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The couple became parents three years later and decided on sending the tot to daycare after six months.

However, when the six months were finally up, the wife allegedly refused to return to work and send the child to daycare.

”She argued that if he was able to work more then they could afford a single income household – and at the same time save the family money by being a stay-at-home mum.”

The hubby refused and insisted that daycare was ”normal”.

”If it was only me working, I would have to work way more hours, be exhausted and not spend as much time with my child,” the father explained in the post.

”I said if she was scared about daycare, we can work in different shifts to stay home with our baby. Like tag team.

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”She refuses saying that does not work for her and as mum she needs to be with her baby all the time.”

This caused a huge fight between the couple. In the end, the mum quit her job and, he insisted, expected the hubby to deal with chores around the house too, including cooking dinner on weekdays and cooking, cleaning and baby care on weekends.

This, she explained, was because “stay at home mum deserves breaks too”.

In total, the husband reckoned he was working more that 80 hours a week in the office and spent a further 28 hours doing housework.

The long and gruelling hours both at work and dealing with the household chores left him with a maximum of 12 hours with his child each week.

”This dynamics really made me resent her. I tried communicating many times.

”The load of bills and insane work hours along with not being able to enjoy time with my baby all deeply upset me.

”When I was sure she is not going to listen to me, I filed for divorce.”

In the end, they were both given 50:50 custody and that no child maintenance was legally required as it was also proved to be the wife’s decision to stay at home.

And to everyone telling me mum staying home is best and the thing to do if you can AFFORD it, I was clearly saying we could not


However, since going their separate ways, she has been struggling to survive financially – and the ex-hubby refuses to pay for daycare costs as his mother looks after the tot during work hours.

The dad said: “My baby stays with my mum when I work. My mum offered my ex the same, but she was so mad at me she refused and enrolled our baby in a daycare.

”I refused to pay for it since she can just leave our kid with my mum.”

His ex-wife and her friends are now criticising the man for both the divorce and not providing any financial support.

He went to add in the comments that their marriage was ”based on equality” and he’d never wanted to be the sole bread winner.

”And to everyone telling me mum staying home is best and the thing to do if you can AFFORD it, I was clearly saying we could not.”

‘I think you should have cut your wife slack’

The incident left fellow Redditors totally divided, as they flocked to share their thoughts.

One supportive social media user said: “You didn’t divorce because she was a stay-at-home-mum.

”You divorced because the two of you couldn’t openly communicate and make decisions together – such as finances and childcare.”

Another agreed, writing: “Because she thought she had all the power to dictate the new terms, like Darth Vader.”

Meanwhile, someone else branded the ex-wife as ”entitled” and wondered why there was no time for ”daddy’s” break.

However, not everyone was so understanding of the situation, as one wife reckoned the former husband had rushed into his decision and should have gone easy on his partner.

She said: “This post just makes me feel more grateful for my husband. Marriage is about compromise and things change all the time between people in marriages.

I seriously think you jumped the gun on getting divorced


”Having a child is life-altering. I think you should have cut your wife slack.

“And as for her wanting you to cook. Its super hard to cook dinner when you have young kids.

”You could have done Fri Sat Sun dinner. Made basic food. Made it fun. Stay-at-home-mum is a job too.

”You are both technically working. One of you just doesn’t get paid for work. I seriously think you jumped the gun on getting divorced.”


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