I’m cabin crew & have flown hundreds of times – two telltale signs something’s wrong on a plane… & if you should worry

A FORMER flight attendant has revealed the signs to look for if you think something is going wrong on your flight.

Lisa Hughes, 43, revealed what the warning signs people could look for are.

Lisa Hughes has revealed how flyers can notice if something is wrong


Lisa Hughes has revealed how flyers can notice if something is wrongCredit: Getty
Flyers might be able to feel if something has gone wrong as the plane shakes and shudders


Flyers might be able to feel if something has gone wrong as the plane shakes and shuddersCredit: Alamy

Firstly, Hughes revealed that crew would be talking to the pilots if something was to go wrong.

Lisa told The Metro: “Increased activity from the crew, including frequent communication with the cockpit, can indicate an issue.”

Passengers would notice the cabin crew looking panicked and would notice a change in the tone of their voice over the intercom, she said.

Further: “The crew may also prepare emergency equipment or brief certain passengers (like able-bodied individuals) to assist in a potential evacuation.”

Lisa also said that passengers would be able to notice a change in the feel of the plane as it flies.

She said: “Unusual noises, vibrations, or changes in the flight pattern (such as sudden altitude changes) can indicate mechanical issues.

“Changes in cabin lighting, deployment of oxygen masks, or the initiation of emergency protocols are clear signs of trouble.”

Most of the time, pilots will be able to warn passengers of upcoming turbulence, which can be spotted during bad weather.

But one kind that is harder to spot is called “Clear Air Turbulence (CAT)”.

This is defined as a “sudden, severe turbulence occurring in cloudless regions that causes violent buffering of aircraft”.

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Only 0.06 per cent of landings end in an emergency landing, with only six fatal crashes in 2023.

Meanwhile, the next time you are preparing for your flight, another expert says you should think twice about wearing leggings.

Christine Negroni, who released a book on the world’s most mysterious air disasters, revealed that leggings could prove fatal – or at the very least leave terrible scars – if the plane you are travelling on crashes or has a fire in the cabin.

It comes as Royal Jordanian Airlines is starting new routes from both Manchester and Stansted Airport.

Connecting the UK to Amman in Jordan, four flights a week will operate from London Stansted from March 3.

Lufthansa City Airlines, a new airline launched by German flag carrier Lufthansa, was first announced last year and is set to launch new flights this summer.

There were only six fatal crashes in 2023


There were only six fatal crashes in 2023Credit: Alamy


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