'I'm a part-time live-in girlfriend – I look after my man and he spoils me'

Kirsten Spresser, 25, from Queensland, Australia, says she is a live-in girlfriend, which means she looks after her boyfriend’s needs while living a life of luxury

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A woman has spoken out to defend her lifestyle after calling herself a ‘live-in girlfriend ‘ – which means she looks after her boyfriend and he buys her lavish gifts.

Kirsten Spresser, 25, from Queensland, Australia, spoke to the Daily Star and said that she works three days a week at a landscape architecture studio.

But for the rest of the week, she is a live-in girlfriend who lives in an apartment with 360-degree views of Brisbane city with a rooftop and infinity pool.

Alex, her boyfriend, is a high voltage electrician and works away for days on end, but when he’s around she dotes on him completely.

Kirsten says she is a part-time live-in girlfriend


Kirsten Spresser / Instagram)

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Kirsten said: “Alex and I have been dating for six months and he earns significantly more money than I do. He prefers to be the person to pay the majority of the household expenses such as rent, utilities and groceries.

“My salary covers the majority of my personal expenses, such as my personal maintenance appointments, and my personal bills and the cost of social activities, like eating out.

“If I do run out of money while he is at work, he will top up my bank account if I need. He also loves to spoil me with luxury dates and gifts.”

Kirsten’s boyfriend Alex works away often


Kirsten Spresser / Instagram)

Because her work schedule is super flexible, Kirsten has a lot of free time to go shopping, get her nails done and catch up with friends.

She says it also allows her to spend more time with her boyfriend when he is home from work.

This is in comparison to regular couples who both work a nine to five and only perhaps are able to spend nights and weekends together.

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She added: “Part-time stay at home girlfriend is a title that my boyfriend and I created and started off as a joke but it describes our situation perfectly.”

When Kristen isn’t working she goes to the gym before attending any beauty maintenance appointments she may have, such as her hair or nails.

She will then pick up any online shopping orders, as she usually has something arriving three or four times a week, before tidying up the apartment and doing household chores.

People tend to think that Kirsten and Alex’s relationship is a sugar daddy and sugar baby arrangement, but she disagrees.

Kirsten continued: “People also assume that Alex is ‘whipped’ or ‘simping’ and I have him completely wrapped around my finger which is absolutely not the case at all.

“Alex is very much the boss in our relationship and that’s the way we both prefer it and he won’t do anything he doesn’t want to do.

“I don’t force him to treat me like a princess, he does it all on his own – right from the moment we met.”

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