I’m a nursery worker & there’s so many things parents do that I hate – a clothing item makes my job a total nightmare

WHETHER it’s rude customers or working after hours, there are things that many of us dislike about our jobs.

And it turns out, it’s no different for those who work in a nursery, as an early years practitioner named Lauryn has revealed.

Lauryn revealed the things she dislikes about her job as a nursery worker


Lauryn revealed the things she dislikes about her job as a nursery workerCredit: Getty
The early years practitioner told how she's not a fan of kids dressed in dungarees and pull ups


The early years practitioner told how she’s not a fan of kids dressed in dungarees and pull upsCredit: Getty

The employee shared a light-hearted look at the five things that wind her up at work – and it wasn’t long before others who work in the same industry were keen to share their own pet peeves.

In a clip shared to TikTok (@laurynjxde), Lauryn didn’t hold back as she shared: “Things I hate as an early years practitioner.”

First up, she explains how she can’t stand when parents dress their kids in a certain type of footwear.

And if you’re guilty of sending your kids to nursery in Converse, then you may just want to take note.

“Hate, hate, hate!” Lauryn says.

Sticking with the clothing theme, the nursery worker also makes clear that she finds it annoying when mums and dads dress their little ones in dungarees – especially when the children are wearing pull ups.

Continuing on with her rant, the early years practitioner also suggests that she disagrees with nurseries having just a 30 minute nap time.

“30 mins sleep limit because whyyy?” she asks.

Next up, she posts a snap of the tiny wooden chairs that her nursery class have to sit on.

“Given me back pains in my early 20s,” Lauryn notes.

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And last but not least, she posts a photo of a toddler in a puddle suit and points out that she’s not a fan of “putting on and taking off 15 of these.”

She adds: “It’s when the trouser leg won’t fit over the wellies for me.”

Lauryn captioned the post: “The list could go on.”

It wasn’t long before the post went viral, racking up a whopping 175k views and hundreds of comments from parents – with very mixed opinions.

“30 minutes limit is crazy,” wrote one.

Omg don’t say this I sent my son to nursery in these converse today – now I feel bad

Social media user

A second penned: “Napping is honestly my biggest fear of my daughter being in nursery, she’s just turned 2 and we got rid of naps (her choice) around a year ago.”

A third commented: “Omg don’t say this I sent my son to nursery in these converse today – now I feel bad!”

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: “I’ll have you know that my child’s hazmat suit is necessary in this UK weather.”

Elsewhere, other nursery workers were keen to share their own dislikes about their jobs.

“The shoes where they have no laces and also no velcro, they’re so hard to put on,” one person wrote.

Another noted: “When you have to do all the kids nappies when there out in the garden to take their puddle suits off, put them back on and then take them back off for coming in.”

What school fines can parents receive?

THE main issue that can lead to parents receiving a fine is missing school.

Currently, it’s the decision of the local council whether or not to issue a parent a fine for their child missing school.

However, from August this year, the fine for absences will up to the school to consider – when a child has missed 10 or more sessions for unauthorised reasons.

And the fine will be £80 if paid within 21 days, or £160 if paid within 28 days – this is issued to EACH parent.

It’s the first time the fine has been increased since 2012, and is in line with inflation.

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According to the official government website, there are only five reasons your child should be absent from school if the school is open.

These are as follows:

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  3. Your child cannot attend school on that day because it is a day you are taking part in religious observance
  4. Your local authority is responsible for arranging your child’s transport to school and it is not available on that day or has not been provided yet
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A further agreed with Lauryn and added: “I’m 22 having to go to physio for my back because of this job.”

And one more chimed in: “I’m an early years practitioner and my daughter goes to the same nursery.

“My daughter only sleeps for 30 mins without being woken, and I feel like the staff hate me!”

Lauryn replied: “Haha tbh I don’t mind when they wake up on their own it’s just waking them up and they cry and wake all the others up.”

Lauryn revealed she also "hates" Converse


Lauryn revealed she also “hates” ConverseCredit: tiktok/@laurynjxde
The nursery worker explained how she's already suffering with a bad back due to these chairs


The nursery worker explained how she’s already suffering with a bad back due to these chairsCredit: Getty
Lauryn also dislikes having to take off puddle suits


Lauryn also dislikes having to take off puddle suitsCredit: Getty


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