I’m a nursery worker – parents’ ridiculous choices with their kids wind us up, including making them wear ‘adult’ shoes

A NURSERY worker has revealed some of the things that parents do that drive her mad on a day to day basis.

Carla Brewer shared her pet peeves via a video posted to her TikTok channel @brewercarlaa.

Carla has many nursery pet peeves


Carla has many nursery pet peevesCredit:
She hates it when kids come to nursery in dungarees


She hates it when kids come to nursery in dungareesCredit:

She often uses the account to share insights into her daily life.

“Things I hate as a childcare practitioner”, she said.

The nursery worker revealed that the first thing she dislikes is when parents bring their children to school in shoes with laces, instead of the more child friendly Velcro.

This is because young children are often unable to tie these shoes their selves and have to ask staff to help them.

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This can be very time consuming and can take away from the other important work the staff need to do.

Another thing that parents do that grinds Carla’s gears is bringing their children in to nursery wearing dungarees.

This is because dungarees are fiddly to undo so make it harder to change a child’s nappies.

They also pose difficulty with older children as they are often unable to undo them themselves so need help going to the loo.

Carla also shared some things that annoy her about nurseries in general.

One of the things is the fact that all of the chairs are super tiny, to accommodate for the children, so are uncomfortable to sit on.

Another of her nursery pet peeves is when the children put oats in the Tuff Tray when playing with it.

This is because the oats get everywhere and are so hard to clean up.

“I’m still finding oats everywhere”, she said.

TikTok users raced to the video’s comments section to share their thoughts on Carla’s video.

Many revealed their own nursery pet peeves.

One user said: “I hate it when they send their kids with jeans as their spare clothes”.

Another user said: “It’s changing nappies for me”.

A third user chimed in: “Dungarees and pull up nappies kill me”.

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