I’m a mum of one and having a child ruined my life – it’s been 14 years of stress, I’m exhausted and miserable

A MUM of one has said that having a child has “ruined” her life.

The mum said that she loves her daughter “with every fibre of my being” and would “walk through fire for her”.

The mum said she has been miserable since her daughter was born


The mum said she has been miserable since her daughter was bornCredit: Getty

However, she admitted that ever since she was born, 14 years ago, the mum and her husband have “struggled with stress”.

She said that a lot of this has been due to the health problems her daughter suffers with, such as chest infections and “hideous coughs”.

Sharing her story anonymously on Mumsnet, she said: “We have become absolutely paranoid about being around anyone who might give her their lergy.

“In the last month we have been back and forth to A&A and the doctos countless times.

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“I’m exhausted.

“He is exhausted.

“The mental health toll it’s taken on us has been huge.

“We don’t have family to rely on. It’s just us.”

The mum said that before she had a child, she and her husband would enjoy chilled nights in together and were “happy”.

She said that since having her daughter, who is now 14, there have been “moments of happiness”, but her health problems have “ruled” their lives.

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The mum added: “In case anyone comes at me, I know that people have worse than this. I’m just dealing with what I’m facing.

“I have felt broken the last few weeks.

“My husband is miserable and I am too. It feels like there is never anything but stress.”

The mum explained that her daughter can be volatile, and often clashes with her husband.

She added that the child wants constant attention, and, if she is not on her phone, wants one of her parents to be sat with her all of the time.

The mum said: “It’s utterly draining. I need ten minutes to myself here and there. I need to breathe.

“I’m battling PTSD and often have nightmares. Everything is so hard all the time.”

Mumsnet users flooded the comments section with helpful advice for the mum.

One user said: “Now is the time to make time for yourselves – all three and just the two of you doing things you enjoy.

“At 14 it’s the time adults start feeling more independence. Take the step and enjoy it.”

My husband is miserable and I am too

Upset mum

Another user said: “It sounds like an unusual level of clinginess in a 14 year old, hopefully you can get to the bottom of it.

“And as she matures just that bit more you will hopefully be able to start building a more ‘adult’ relationship and move away from ‘dependant child’ just a bit which would be nice for all of you.”

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