'I'm a chef – this is the best garlic roast potatoes recipe with a crunchy exterior'

Chef Tom Bateman, from Stoke-on-Trent, may have just unveiled the secret formula to the perfect roast potatoes.

In a video shared to his TikTok account, which boasts a whopping 2.5 million followers, Tom shared his recipe for garlic roast potatoes.

The clip was part of his “All About The Sides” series, which feature a variety of decadent side dishes.

According to the chef, this recipe takes the crown among all his roast potato recipe after trying many different methods.

In the video’s voiceover, Tom explained: “This is part 17 of All About the sides. And I guess it was coming, really. These are my favourite roast potatoes.

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“Put your potatoes evenly, then cover them in stock. I use beef stock. It’s gonna add more flavour and also acts as a base for a gravy.

“When they just fork tender, drain them, rough them up and leave them to dry.

“I infuse the fat, which for me is duck fat, with garlic, bay, thyme and Rosemary. Just over low heat for about half an hour and you’ve also got comfy garlic then.”

Tom then highlighted his top tip for a nice, crispy exterior: “Coat the potatoes with some of that fat before they go into the oven and a pinch of salt. This helps give the roasties a consistent finish.

“Get the rest of the fat raging hot in the tray before you add the potatoes.

“You go into the oven, 220C for 50 minutes, turning every 10 minutes.

“In the last 5 minutes, remove the fat and it should sound like this,” the creator added as he included es soundbite of a crunch.”

Tom captioned the video: “All about the Sides, 17 of 50. My favourite Roast Potatoes, there are so many different ways and methods I find this works best for me.

“There is a little extra work but it’s worth it. It’s all in the technique really imparting flavour and achieving that glass like crunch with a fluffy centre.”


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