Ibiza Weekender fans in tears as Jordan teases he’s leaving the show in final episode

IBIZA Weekender fans are in tears as Jordan Davis teases he’s leaving the show in the series’ final episode.

The star has been on the show for years but was weighing up whether he wanted to stay or go in the current season finale.

 Jordan Davis teased he was leaving the show


Jordan Davis teased he was leaving the show

After being a rep for years, the reality star has his eyes on something bigger – a new job as head rep.

He spoke with his fellow reps about whether he wanted to quit or not, before leading the new arrivals on the last night out of the season.

Amongst the partying – including a drinking game where fellow rep Callum sucked his toes – he even broke down in tears at the thought of it being his last night.

He told the camera: “It’s a decision I never thought I’d have. In a weird way, I never thought I’d make these decisions.”

 He was offered a job elsewhere


He was offered a job elsewhere

But while Jordan was upset, so were fans, who were devastated at the thought of the longtime rep being gone forever.

One person said: “it was hard enough to lose deano, but Jordan leaving that could be the end of the end… It’s been great Jordan El hef and with deano.. I do hope its not the end..”

Another added: “I just know hes going to leave hes really not happy on the show but the show wouldn’t of been the same without you”

A third said: “Oooh… you just know @JordanWeekender is leaving the show tonight. I have an inkling.. #IBIZAWEEKENDER wouldn’t and won’t be the same if he leaves”


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