I won Eurovision – now I have a ‘normal job’ and even worked in Tesco after song contest fame

EUROVISION fans would expect that winning the competition sets you up as a singer for life, but the reality can be very different.

One vocal legend who clinched a win for Ireland has since spoken about how she went on to live a normal life after the song contest, even working in her local grocery chain.

Niamh Kavanagh won Eurovision in 1993


Niamh Kavanagh won Eurovision in 1993Credit: Reuters
She has gone on to work regular jobs since the crowning moment


She has gone on to work regular jobs since the crowning momentCredit: PA
Her winning song for Ireland was In Your Eyes


Her winning song for Ireland was In Your EyesCredit: EPA

Niamh Kavanagh, 56, shared that Eurovision used to be branded ‘the kiss of death’ for singers.

She won for her performance of In Your Eyes in 1993.

While Niamh was delighted to represent her country in the competition, she has told of how she used to get quizzed about her lack of success afterwards.

The singer shared: “I think sometimes we look back on Eurovision with rose coloured glasses because obviously we often talk about the glory years in the ’90s when we were winning, yet my first question from nearly every journalist at the time was ‘how do you feel about the kiss of death Eurovision is?

“At one time, a journalist asked me about how I dealt with the lack of success in my career despite the fact that I have been very successful in my life, in my whole life.

“And I went, really, is that just because I have Eurovision on my CV?”

Niamh, who emphasized that she has ‘wonderful memories’ from that time in her life, stayed humble despite the big win.

The champion even went to work at her local Tesco – at the same time as her son.

In an exclusive interview with the Irish Sun, she joked: “My youngest boy and I got the same kind of job so we were in the same induction day in Tesco which was hilarious.

“You know a 17-year-old and his 52-year-old mother, even if you think they’re great you’re sitting there thinking, ‘Oh god it’s so morto’.

80s Eurovision icon Johnny Logan has ‘aged like a fine wine’ since competition win 44 years ago

“It’s lucky because I’m known as Niamh Kavanagh and he’s known as Megahey, my married name.

“For a little while, people didn’t know he was my son. He wasn’t for telling them.”

Eurovision Song Contest entries 2024

Here are all of the acts taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest.

In 1999, a rule change allowed the United Kingdom, along with France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, to automatically qualify for the final, as they bring in the most revenue for the Song Contest.

They are joined in an automatic place in the final by the 2023 winning country, Sweden.

All the acts completing in Eurovision are:

  • Albania – Besa – Zemrën N’dorë
  • Armenia – LADANVIA – JakoAustralia
  • Australia – Electric Fields – One Mikali (One Blood)
  • Austria – Kaleen – We Will Rave
  • Azerbaijan – FAHREE ft. Ilkin Dolatov – Özünlə Apar
  • Belgium – Mustii – Before The Party’s Over
  • Croatia – Baby Lasagna – Rim Tim Tagi Dim
  • Cyprus – Silia Kapsis – Liar
  • Czech Republic – Aiko – Pedestal
  • Denmark – SABA – Sand
  • Estonia – 5miinust & Puuluup – (Nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi
  • Finland – Windows95man – No Rules!
  • France – Slimane – mon-amour
  • Georgia – Nutsa Buzaladze – Firefighter
  • Germany – Isaak – Always On The Run
  • Greece – Marina Satti – ZARI
  • Iceland – Hera Björk – Scared of Heights
  • Ireland – Bambi Thug – Doomsday Blue
  • Israel – Eden Golan – Hurricane
  • Italy – Angelina Mango – La Noia
  • Latvia – Dons – Hollow
  • Lithuania – Sllvester Belt – Luktelk
  • Luxembourg – TALI – Fighte
  • Malta – Sarah Bonnici – Loop
  • Moldova – Natalia Barbu – In The Middle
  • Netherlands – Joost Klein – Europapa
  • Norway – Gäte – Ulveham
  • Poland – LUNA – The Tower
  • Portugal – iolanda – Grito
  • San Marino – Megara – 11:11
  • Serbia – Teya Dora – RAMONDA
  • Slovenia – Raiven – Veronika
  • Spain – Nebulossa – ZORRA
  • Sweden – Marcus & Martinus – Unforgettable
  • Switzerland – Nemo – The Code
  • Ukraine – Aloyna Aloyna & Jerry Heil – Teresa & Maria
  • United KingdomOlly Alexander – Dizzy


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