'I voted Tory because of Corbyn, if he goes I will return to Labour'

Voters in Labour’s “Red Wall” had a mixed reaction to the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn.

Many in Donaster, South Yorks, said they would return to Labour now Mr Corbyn had been suspended – saying the Tory party had left them “high and dry”.

But some were not convinced.

Dennis Filsell, 68, a former local authority worker, from Don Valley, said: “I used to love Labour but I won’t vote for them again.”

“He didn’t do enough about the anti-Semitism and he should have taken actionlong ago.”

Corbyn turned some people off supporting Labour all together

In the staunch Labour Liverpool there was also a mixed reaction to the suspension.

Steven and Pauline Hill are both supporters of the former leader and have left the party.

“It is a complete travesty” said Pauline, 53.

Dennis has been completely put off Labour

Pauline remains a Corbyn supporter

“Jeremy Corbyn is a man of principle.”

Husband Steven, 49, added: “I think he (Corbyn) should start his own party. He still has a lot of support in the Labour Party and he could take a lot of people with him.”

But young Labour supporter Emma Robinson backed Keir Starmer, saying the party had to deal with the problem of anti-semitism.

Ernie was not impressed with Corbyn’s response to the report

She explained: “I think if anybody is saying bad things about any group of people, it is not right. The Labour Party is right to stamp out anti-semitism.”

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“I support the Labour Party but I don’t support Jeremy Corbyn.”

Ernie Phillips, 63, said Mr Corbyn was wrong to offer only qualified support to the report.


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